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Why Tech Firms Flock to Expensive Cities | WSJ technology company

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Why Tech Firms Flock to Expensive Cities | WSJ

Why Tech Firms Flock to Expensive Cities | WSJ

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Why Tech Firms Flock to Expensive Cities | WSJ
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44 thoughts on “Why Tech Firms Flock to Expensive Cities | WSJ technology company”

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  3. Not sure this is going to be the case going forward big tech is fully embarrassing remote work models, seems like Austin is going to be the new tech hub going forward NY is still questionable since it handled the pandemic so poorly. New York just needs to be relocated to a city worth the money they are asking.

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  5. clustering also results in gangism . this tech companies have become too big and powerful indvidiually and they are so more powerful together that they now control the US govt invisibly , for eg. facebook involvment in elections tampering or amazon evading taxes and so on . this clustering is to be broken and cos to be weaken so they dont overpower. with regards to higher wages there are also equally same or more higher expenses ? and also a lifestyle to keep up with ? in the end except a few smart guys with money most are going to be still on same page .

  6. Now these Tech companies are leaving these cities. It clearly wasn't sustainable. Now you see more Tech companies going to smaller large cities like Austin, Boston, Denver.

  7. The Indifference Principle of economics states that supposed gains in affluence in a city are offset by migration to that city, which increases prices. The only beneficiaries are those who own fixed assets, primarily real estate. And by the way, the closing statement by the Brookings Institute dude is a bunch of hooey. I've enjoyed a fine career in tech outside of any of the expensive cities or Big N companies. And now that remote work is acceptable, people are fleeing those cities anyway.

  8. The tech agglomeration is not a US only phenomenon. London has attracted several major tech companies. Both Facebook, YouTube and Google have offices (or are building offices) in Kings Cross which is a tiny area of London. Apple is also moving in as the anchor tenant of the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station

  9. This is a very misleading video, only showing the “good” to the side of the wealthy. This generally benefits the opulent and only feeds their greed. The money for Hudson Yards was taken from affordable housings funds to build this project…

  10. I hope corona will change the landscape of offices , work culture and work locations all together . I think this will definitely start from High real estate places like Sanfrancisco to Mumbai . Instead of agglomeration i think Distribution of resources is what beneficial to country at large

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