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This New Space Tech Could Someday Replace A/C new a/c technology

별이 총총한 밤하늘은 에어컨이라는 주제와는 상당히 거리가 있는 것처럼 보이지만 전혀 예상치 못한 방식으로 분야에 혁명을 일으키고 있습니다. “The Spark”의 이 에피소드에서는 전 세계의 과학자들이 자연 현상을 활용하여 100년 된 기술을 획기적으로 재설계하는 방법을 살펴보십시오. 이 에피소드에서 특집: 싱가포르 국립 대학교의 Dr. Ernest(Kian Jon) Chua SkyCool Systems —– Spark는 세계의 큰 문제를 해결하는 혁신적인 기술에 대한 시리즈입니다. 자세한 내용은 YouTube에서 Bloomberg를 구독하십시오. Bloomberg는 속보 및 분석, 최신 시장 데이터, 기능, 프로필 등을 제공하는 비즈니스 뉴스의 첫 번째 단어입니다. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: .

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This New Space Tech Could Someday Replace A/C

This New Space Tech Could Someday Replace A/C

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This New Space Tech Could Someday Replace A/C
new a/c technology
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41 thoughts on “This New Space Tech Could Someday Replace A/C new a/c technology”

  1. I appreciate evaporative cooling too, but this is not new or revolutionary technology. Hell, the Romans used it in their architecture. People in dry states in the USA have had them for decades, commercially manufactured.

    What earned a down vote is the false information you give. Modern air conditioners don't output greenhouse gases. They don't output any gas! It's thermal exchange. They output heat when cooling. Any gas output is a noticable malfunction. Shame on you for lying to the public.

  2. When you want to heat something up you must use energy. It makes sense… heat is energy after all. The somewhat paradox comes with cooling technologies that actually use energy also to cool things down.

  3. The first segment of this piece of news should be made BIGGER! You've no idea how freakin hot living in the tropics can become. Not only is it hot but its humid like f***.

  4. Refrigerants do not emit green house gases! And with new forms of clean energy coming out, the use of energy by A/C systems is not a problem. I'm currently training to be an HVAC tech in my home city of Las Vegas were for obvious reasons the HVAC industry is a booming industry with 115 degree heat being the norm. It is misleading videos like this that can potentially destroy my career for no reason. There is no better trade then HVAC for me, and the last thing people like myself need is stuff like this, because me and all my other future peers will end up broke when we are older and do not have the time or energy to go back to school.

  5. How many Tons of Air do you expect from a panel? Nothing specific here in Math at all. More bullshit in circles like climate change. What are they teaching these idiots in school now? All these morons think they will re invent the "wheel". Evaporative cooling will never handle latent heat!

  6. Have you guys ever been in a forest? If so you probably noticed that inside the forest the temperature is significantly lower. So the most obvious thing to do would be to just grow more forests and our planet will get cooler again, plus we avoid a lot of erosion, because the roots of vegetation keeps dirt on it's place.

  7. WTF!? Who was the researcher for this piece?? The first one is just an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler), and the second one is just some mirrors, you can't actually extract the cold out of that system because the delta T is far too low.

  8. There is a company in Colorado (Coolerado) that has been making water-based (high tech swap coolers) air conditioners (and selling them) for over a decade .. they're primary for dry climates, but they do have a hybrid pre-cooler to compressor (conventional) A/C to extract the moisture. Reflection (of heat) has also been around for decades white/light colored roofing materials or shade sails; even trees/leaves that capture heat/sunlight for photo synthesis. The reflection product shown has one (major) flaw, that the surface needs to be kept clean .. keep working on it, but show some real, new tech next time


    They are reflecting the energy back to space with mirror surfaces that's it!

  10. There's this another guy working on similar project. Just type "Revolutionary Air Conditioner" in YT search and check that I think that need to be added in this list..

  11. First step to reducing energy for cooling should be air sealing! Build better and seal all new construction residential and commercial. We already have the ability easily cut energy for cooling by 30+% via better building and air sealing. Most homeowners and businesses could easily cut energy bill by 30-50% with minimal investment and quick return on investment. Yet we don’t talk about that because it’s not a brand new 5-10k ac unit lightening your pocket and fattening corporate America’s pocket.

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