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Tesla's Secret Home Heating & AC System? new a/c technology

Tesla는 어떤 새로운 제품을 계획하고 있습니까? 이 비디오에서는 Tesla의 HVAC 시스템이 어떤 모습일지 그리고 이것이 어떻게 가정 난방 및 냉방 산업을 혼란에 빠뜨릴 수 있는지 살펴봅니다. 》》참고 자료 《 《 Joe Rogan Experience: Ben Sullins 비디오: Keen Smart Vent: 》 >> 미국을 지원하는 방법 《 《 후원자가 되십시오! ⟫ Tesla를 구매하시겠습니까? 내 링크 사용 ⟫ Best Solar Quotes ⟫ Two Bit da Vinci Merchandise ⟫ 모든 제휴 링크 ⟫ 》 》 미국 《 트위터 》 페이스북 》 인스타그램 과 연결 .

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Tesla's Secret Home Heating & AC System?

Tesla's Secret Home Heating & AC System?

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Tesla's Secret Home Heating & AC System?
new a/c technology
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23 thoughts on “Tesla's Secret Home Heating & AC System? new a/c technology”

  1. If Tesla wants to do something useful and disruptive in this space, they should tackle the problem of retrofit geothermal heat pumps. Make that work affordably for old/existing homes and it would be a game changer. All of this talk about smart vents and pretty compressors is really not that helpful.

  2. Yes!!! Would love to see Tesla sell fully integrated home power systems + HVAC.

    I'll be building a new house in about a year. hoping I get the chance to incorporate Tesla Solar, Powerwalls and HVAC. Would also be interested in hearing about integrating other storage like water – using excess electricity to pump water to a higher alt. pond and letting it fall through a water turbine when this stored "energy" is needed.

  3. Rick, your channel is great and every comment is at the highest level. Love the possibility of TESLA HVAC SYSTEM, I live in Bogotá, Colombia and AC is used in big offices but air quality is terrible and many people are not aware of this fact because they don't have a comparison reference- Right now I am thinking in developing a Bio-Hostel Network with Orchard, Solar panels and Electric transportation and the Air filtration system will be welcome and for Hostels in warm weather locations the potable water production is perfect. It would be an Elon facility. I will check the DroneQuote maybe I'll get them to fly down here and let them be my first guests.

  4. The HVAC technology out is horrible. I am a technician in the south and the engineering of HVAC equipment is not service friendly at all. It would be great for someone with the money and common sense to step into the conditioned air space.

  5. It’s called a zone system. It is powered with 24v from the air handler with a zone board sending communication to each Zone powered by dampers opening and closing. Do some research on Honeywell

  6. Elon is no one's savior, he's a total fraud and wish people would actually do a little research before making videos like this. Tesla is making money by selling carbon credits – not cars. Remember Solar-City bc I do and he milked New York and and Buffalo and hasn't kept one promise and the fact he gets credit for SpaceX is uter bullshit. He started that company with taxpayer govt contracts, the only thing he did was hire smart engineers. Let's not talk about south America and how his batteries are built.

  7. Almost all of the features mentioned are already in the industry. Wired and wireless Zoning exist, smart thermostats exist, Motion sensor zoning exist, Variable speed blowers exist, variable capacity condensers exist. Solar ready condensers and heatpumps exist. Condensate filters for clean water exist although not economical. Condensate is not clean. Have you ever looked at a coil or had to clean a condensate line? There are already turnkey complete packages that do all of this, they are expensive but they exist…..Majority, and I mean like over 90 percent, of people dont care if the ac "looks sexy or pretty" or not, as long as it does what its suppose to do at an affordable price that's about it, efficiency then is considered. LMAO ,This video is almost as if you were recording this in the 80s or from a different dimension. Please do some basic research before posting something like this.

  8. You spoke a lot about smart vents wiring things with ductwork. "Whoever does this first will be the winner."
    For more expensive homes, HVAC companies have been doing this since the 80's or 90's. Same with variable-speed fans and variable speed compressors.

    What Tesla would have to do to stand out is to make it smarter than the competition, and to take some things they learned from their Model Y thermal management and use those. This might mean zoned intake or bidirectional intake and venting to be able to pump hot air from hot rooms into rooms that need heat, for instance. Or have easy to convert outdoor units that can be swapped with geomass if you want to boost your efficiency in the future.

    Or the closest thing to the octovalve setup would be if you had a liquid-cooled power wall that could pull the heat from the batteries while they charge, and use that to contribute heat to the home.

    It's hard to do this stuff in a home compared to a car. So I think brand recognition might be their main selling point. Nevertheless, I would be interested to see what their team would come up with.

    Also, do NOT drink dehumidifier water. Technically it is distilled. But if you have ever cleaned a dirty indoor unit, you don't want your mouth near anything that's been in there. I have a UV light in mine to keep microbial activity to a minimum.

  9. Tesla can also offer the financing component in an ROI-driven approach with dynamic pricing and incentives coordinated with local utility rebate programs. In other words, Tesla can manage the variables in design, PV sizing, storage , power purchase agreement, etc. to provide a no-brained predictable net savings to the home owner it would be a complete game changer. Turnkey solution.

  10. This can work in the US, but not elsewhere in the world. The US HVAC industry is so old and outdated. Inverter-controlled whole house ductless heat pumps with zone control are quite common in the rest of developed countries, especially Asia. And they are not that expensive.

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