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Inside The Tech Cold War – BBC Click technology documentary 2021

Click은 중국과 서방의 기술 경쟁을 살펴보고 Huawei의 5G 장비 금지를 일으킨 원인을 찾고 중국과 미국의 소셜 미디어에서 최신 발전 사항을 발견합니다. 우리는 TikTok의 대안을 살펴보고 미국이 중국 기술에 대한 잠재적 금지의 결과를 조사합니다. 여기에서 구독하십시오. www.bbc.com/click Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook: www.facebook.com/BBCClick 에서 온라인으로 저희를 찾으십시오.

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Inside The Tech Cold War - BBC Click

Inside The Tech Cold War – BBC Click

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Inside The Tech Cold War – BBC Click
technology documentary 2021
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34 thoughts on “Inside The Tech Cold War – BBC Click technology documentary 2021”

  1. WTF Western countries do exactly the same thing. Same laws and same policies. Yet you spit out the word China like it's poison and have some sinister music playing and make them out to be evil and the West is the good guy? They're both as bad as each other. This is just biased propaganda B.S.

  2. If these social media companies are going to make sharing PII a requirement to continue to use their services, they need to put it in their TOS and let us know so we know what is required, and can make an informed decision about whether or not to continue to use their services.
    Locking us out of our accounts for vague reasons like breaking TOS rules, and not specifying what rule it was that was broken is not working.

  3. bbc you are talking about the tech war between US and China but we are having a tech war right here in USA with social media companies locking accounts and demanding PII (personally identifiable information ) to unlock and continue using them.
    In one company their TOS rules say its an option to share PII, haven't read the other yet, but convinced it will be the same. These companies did not make sharing PII a requirement to open the accounts.
    But they are making it a requirement to continue to use the accounts.
    Surely this is a breach of contract. Yes they say they can change their TOS at anytime, but after review there is nothing stating sharing PII is a requirement.
    And they have an adverse reaction to using vpns, which are services sold to us by other companies.
    We need help and don't know where to go. EU established the GDPR, US is dragging its feet.
    US needs something like the GDPR. We are being locked out of our accounts !
    Please help.

  4. iPhones, as well as the Android operating systems AND physical tech was ALL developed by US AMERICANS here in AMERICA, and they’ve TAKEN OVER THE WORLD so, is there REALLY any argument as to whether or not the “West has taken over the world?”

  5. I’m seriously and sincerely horrified by how even at age only 35, the degree of “slavery via digitization,” I’m witnessing, especially by many of the youngest of my own millennials and the subsequent generations.

  6. China did not ban American companies but did insist that they follow local laws if they want to operate there. Its totally different from what the Americans are doing. US is also legally forcing tiktok 5 eyes to be sold to a US company CHEAP. In most countries in the world this is totally illegal.

  7. How do you think Jobs started Apple? by stealing his "ideas" from Xerox PARC! It is how this game is played Paraphrasing Einstein famously said " I stand on the shoulders of others"

  8. I don't like Trump, I don't care for Biden much either…But of the two I think only Trump will, or will continue to stand up to China, and that's really the only reason why I'm voting orange. I didn't like the travel ban at first, but my eyes are now open.

  9. Another sinophobic video..wonder how much trump paid for bbc..pathetic work of bbc.with all its accusations ,fear mongering, scary background music..pathetic bbc

  10. with wechat you can buy a lot of things even pay by scanning QR code you can order food, pay water bills etc, the chat part is the least appealing in the app… it is not like whatsapp.. with whatsapp you can only chat

  11. China banned Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, just because CCP don’t have a full control over them. And the CCP claims it is okay because of the protection of its national security. So, why can’t U.S. do the same thing?

  12. People are uninformed about the raw power of the government. You are worried about “data sharing” when for the last 15+ years they have been monitoring our brains, thru certain frequencies.

  13. I get America baning Chinese site i just hope others don't follow it is our only chance to have alternative to America and we know how American companies sensor anti American users of their platform go China and to African countries give all contracts to Chinese companies and block Americans

  14. BBC is so overrated on the quality of its news reporting..
    In the English world theres a common perception, that bcos u use queens English..
    U can sound more believable than what u really said.

    Butchering the chinese phrase u are trying to show off on..
    Huawei n Tiktok are no more impressive that Sony or Toyota way back when..
    Some yankees panic on japanese take over of the world..
    Which was more panic than reality..

    Today BBC is participating on similar idealogical stampede.
    Huawei never created anything new, just like their Japanese counterpart.
    Just doin a lil bit better in production than another country, without much creativity.
    Today Japanese productivity is overworked, w 30% less on the GDP vs US.
    N chinese GDP is a mere 15% of US, they just had more ppl to rely on.
    Not to forget 30-40% of its ppl living in poverty..

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