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I Spent $50,000 On "Fake Gurus", Here's What I Learned financial gurus

Twitter에서 나를 팔로우하세요: Twitter에서 Ernest(연구원/편집자)를 팔로우하세요: // DOPAMINE _ DETOX 힘든 일을 좋아하도록 내 두뇌를 속인 방법에 대한 무료 YouTube 과정: // SOCIAL _ MEDIA 생산성은 단순히 입력/출력입니다. 소셜 미디어에는 많은 입력이 필요하며 출력이 그만한 가치가 있다고 생각하지 않습니다. 인스타그램, 페이스북, 트위터, 링크드인 등 어디에서도 저를 찾을 수 없습니다. // VIDEO _ IDEAS 특정 비디오/재생 목록을 만들고 싶습니까? 여기에 아이디어를 제출하십시오. # # # // 미루는 것, 미루는 것, 생산성, 비즈니스, 과정, 가짜 전문가, 인터넷 전문가 무시 .

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I Spent $50,000 On "Fake Gurus", Here's What I Learned

I Spent $50,000 On "Fake Gurus", Here's What I Learned

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I Spent $50,000 On "Fake Gurus", Here's What I Learned
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41 thoughts on “I Spent $50,000 On "Fake Gurus", Here's What I Learned financial gurus”

  1. Within about 30 seconds I realised that this guys acting skills are impressive and that he is about as genuine as the contrepreneurs he claims to expose!

  2. I used to pay $500 each for Basic and Advance Online marketing, and found out Advance course was 90% same content as basic course. From that day. I have learnt We may failed to find the right path many times but if we not stop searching and learning, we will find the right path and the right mentor that fit us the most. All those failures were part of the process anyway.

  3. Any "productivity gurus" who say "take cold showers to wake up your senses and motivation" should have their gas heaters/electricity disconnected, use only freezing cold taps and shower with cold water every single day. Now that's payback of these money-scamming "gurus"

  4. Thinking of university as a £50k course is wrong. Most people dont pay the whole £50k back, the debt disappears after 30 years, you dont pay anything back until your income reaches a certain level and you then only pay a small amount.
    Despite this its still not good value form money

  5. knowledge is free – people can make sure a true knowledge teaching person lives decent by simply creating it for them to help them making sure they have food shelter and protection, not having to pay any cotton fake money to do it when people end the money system which they wont they could change the world but the world will change on its own and most of these people will be removed because they couldn't evolve and end the money system and those that control it will survive some of the disasters that are about to happen I got real knowledge I give it away for free all the time but people on this world are to ignorant to find that 1 real person that actually does have the abilities they don't have who can see the future and the past and know hidden agendas of others and actually help that person live a good life the real ones always suffer and are targeted by corruption and live miserable lives SOAK THAT IN REALLY DEEP INTO YOUR SOULS THAT ARE ABOUT TO LEAVE THIS WORLD WHEN THE DISASTERS AND ICE AGE STARTS AND THE FOOD GOES AWAY

  6. Exactly College and University is scam for many people. I dropped out of school and educated myself with mentors, books, seminars and online courses.

    Now I live on a paradise island and have a online business.

  7. For University it's the courses you take and taking opportunities of internships. Although my education only costed ~10k for 4 years, so about as much as what he paid in Youtube Webinars about cookies. Can't imagine spending 50k in 3 years no scholarship having ass lol and yes
    Andrew Kirby is a fake guru read the room.

  8. 4:55 maybe you should have spoken to your mentor beforehand….. I mean you did pay out money multiple times not learning the lesson from each time you did it, AND it was your choice to do so. Soooooo it's on you!

  9. I have a very similar story. Promised the world many times over, spent thousands, they all just give you ideas and information that you can find out for yourself by doing! Stop buying courses and start working on your idea. That's my advice. You'll figure out what you need to know as you go.

  10. My college degree provided no direct career and/or financial gains but it did help me with skills I did not have as far as adherence to a plan, incremental and continuous progress towards goals, time management, etc. When I found myself in work and business environments around the less-educated, I found it to be a great benefit. $50,000 worth? I don't know, but it opened doors, not because of mentors or connections but skills that I don't see in most of my acquaintances with high time preference and wage-earner mentalities. The same observation applies to the less educated with a more entrepreneurial mindset, too.

  11. LOL the 25k one gave him a "mindset" you know if you have that much in liquid assets you can literally generate a second income from property.

  12. instead of learning from being a victim, you use it to victimise others. You’re young and there’s time for redemption. But beware of the consequences of your chooses. If you choose to carry on your sad little scam, a hallow misery awaits you.

  13. It is practice makes perfect. You thought that by reading a lot it would be a guaranteed success. You had to go from the start with the little knowledge you have and gradually you will learn by making mistakes

  14. It may just be my speakers but if you change the eq on your mic a bit to cut out more of the low end I think your voice would be a lot clearer. Great video thanks.

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