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3 stocks crashing – doing this next financial education 3

내 개인 스톡 그룹을 위한 7일 무료 평가판! 기간 한정 제공! 여기에서 신청하고 행운을 빕니다! 주식 시장에 관한 질문을 문자로 보내주세요. 당신을 위해 그들에게 돌아갈 수 있도록 최선을 다할 것입니다! 인스타그램 팔로우 – StockHub 가입 링크 이곳은 주식이나 시장에서 일어나는 일에 대해 주식 시장의 다른 투자자들과 무료로 채팅할 수 있는 곳입니다. 즐기다! 금융 교육 이것은 Jeremy Lefebvre LMK가 만든 Jeremy Lefebvre 프로덕션입니다. 지금 사야 할 주식이나 볼 주식을 알고 있다면! .

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3 stocks crashing - doing this next

3 stocks crashing – doing this next

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3 stocks crashing – doing this next
financial education 3
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27 thoughts on “3 stocks crashing – doing this next financial education 3”

  1. Not gonna lie, I am concerned about The Very Good Food Company after that move. My bull case hasn't changed, but with that move it seems like it will take longer for the price to appreciate. If they use the money to execute properly, they should still be fine, but raising that much money seemingly without any need? I just hope there's a positive surprise and no fraudulence incoming.

  2. "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now" I consider this to be best motivational quote I've heard in a very long time. But motivational quotes are useless if you don't practice what you preach*

  3. Your f bombs were fully justified my friend, makes no sense that they did that at this price unless they are in a real dodgy situation, very very strange……Meanwhile Corsair will be fine, they will not be the last company this earnings season to say that they have had issues because of the current climate. Stay positive matey and thanks for the amazing videos, no matter if the times are good or bad.

  4. Overheated markets tend to be followed by realistic corrections as investor expectations become more rational. Corrections are usually acute, hitting hardest the sectors and companies where speculation was most intense. The highest flying become the hardest falling.

  5. Down over 20% on crsr and its my biggest loser rn BUT im not selling any shares!! I can buy more and take my time to raise some cash to buy shares! Its amazing that we have the time to get the best position on this stock.

  6. Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

  7. Virgin is one I’m still pissed
    I got in at around dec 2019 and I read they hope to be worth 3b by 2022 and seeing the stock go crazy is stupid

    Cosiar is one I don’t get why the hype all over them id rather bet my money on razer

  8. Man I lost so much in all your recommendations. TTCF/CRSR/Planet13/Avant Brand/ very good food company and Voyager Not everyone who follows you have that much of income to average there position out to get to the level where the stocks trade.
    Understand not your fault but I’m not sure how to cover my losses now.

  9. Very Good Food Co never really made sense to me. Even if the branding was genius, I cant see myself buying a stock of a company that makes a shitty products. On the other hand, TTCF definitely has more potential. I’ve had their products and though i have not been wowed, i haven’t been disappointed. They have ok tasting, really well portioned low calorie options. I think its a really good option for people trying to implement portion and calorie control. In my opinion, TTCF needs to work on their WOW product, that will definitely solidify their space in the market.

  10. I know you're not super big on options, but given the headwinds on CRSR why not use that huge position you have to sell some far out the money monthly calls? Youd be making some decent money on the shares you have while you wait for conditions to improve for the business

  11. Never bet against Insider selling. You really didn't do your due diligence, Jeremy. Insiders were selling CRSR a month ago. You failed to disclose that important information to your audience. Now you and your fans is holding the bag.

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