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10 Ingenious Car Inventions & Technologies technology car

이 놀라운 차세대 자동차 혁신에 놀랄 준비를 하십시오! 외부 에어백 시스템 클리어 모션 및 보스 서스펜션 시스템 펑크 방지 타이어 MOJIPIC 테일게이터 타이어 테이블 홍수 방지 ACOOL 자동차 환기 장치 VALEO XTRAVUE ELBEE 차량 LUMILOR .

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10 Ingenious Car Inventions & Technologies

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10 Ingenious Car Inventions & Technologies
technology car
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  1. the patend on the hidden tech that game to market 04' is all but run out. 20-25yrs. The auto companies want an interior old suspention system in place & Bose system would hve put them out of buss over night, in cases where 50lbs back then wt per corner was a deal breaker. If u scale down for small cars & scale up for big trucks & 50lbs not bad for normal trucks u hve a market winning product. <Ok any1 who wants to use this tech must pay $250 per unit cost God.> Bose sold the tech but should get $50 of the $250 bc beast hide there product. 2024 is 20yrs or 2029 is 25yrs & then patent runs out w/out an extension. Ppl need this great tech NOW not after we stop driving on roads.

  2. There is a flood coming, forget about your valuables, the cat and granny. Help me spend 1hr getting my Nissan juke in an novelty over sized condom…..

  3. Самом начале два бмв внешний одинаковый. А по ходу совсем другой. Как их отличить по внешностью если хочеш купить?

  4. First one- bumps on a left and right doesnt have the same position of bumps and right one are lover than left ones… Nobody see it or I am wrong?

  5. Hello to the Bose engineers.. couldn't there be a terrain reading system put in place that gives the vehicle a ready-before amount of leeway instead of responding to on-point and instant, sudden, adjustment, although so equipped?..say a couple of meters way up ahead..? not talking whether GPS capable or not.. David. … Will now air-less tyres have a lifetime guarantee price-tag attached to them,and could a retail store list be made available, next follow up podcast? How competent would their level of buoyancy expected to perform?You guys? in actualment should an external pulse of repelling magnetism be self activated, gain of total comparative advantage for that vehicle's brand in preventative collision. Next can the Bose suspension system be made all makes of cars compatible? Concerned.. David

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